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Attain emotional balance? Yes, IT’S POSSIBLE!

Build your life beautifully!

Therapy is finding an ally to get you to the life you want to live.

Why this emphasis on relationships?

It is through and in relationships, to oneself and to others, that people suffer. This approach, based on relationships, is particularly helpful because it is also through relationships with oneself and others that it is possible to “repair” and heal one’s suffering. Hence the motto chosen by Counselling Therapists® to illustrate their focus: “More than the rationale, relationship.”

Relationship Therapist and Coach

Learn to listen without reacting

Learn to transmit without blaming

Alexandra Ocampo

Individual therapy. The relationship with self

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
« Albert Einstein »

Yet, we unconsciously reproduce the same relationship patterns, even with different people and in different environments, without understanding why we experience the same problems each time. So, individual therapy allows you to come to terms with these mechanisms so that when you feel them, you can change the unhealthy patterns.

Combined therapy. The relationship with others.

In team sports, each athlete must do some training alone and some with the team. A relationship is similar.
« Dr François Gaumont, md, frcpc »

This is where your functions as TRASMITTER and RECEIVER are shed. Clearly state your intentions, your emotions, your requests, your limits, etc. Do you clearly RECEIVED the sender without altering their message with a defensive reaction? Do not confuse  what should be understood from the message whit  what is felts. 

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Adult Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy


In combination with medical therapy

Individual therapy

  • Unresolved grief.
  • Believes deficient.
  • Disorientation.
  • Excessive fears.
  • Harmful mistrust.
  • Destructive insecurity.
  • Repetitive pattern.
  • Isolation.
  • Self-programmed sabotage.
  • Paralyzing indecision.
  • Inconstancy.
  • Toxic hyperemotivity.
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Rebellion
  • Incapacity.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety

Couple therapy

  • Infidelity.
  • Difficulty to communicate.
  • Lassitude in the couple.
  • Maladjustment of the couple, children, work, moving.
  • The other irritates you.
  • Loss of landmarks.
  • Inability to resolve conflicts.
  • Couple crisis.
  • Arguments replace harmony.
  • Significant frustrations and disinterestedness.
  • Imminent breaking point.
  • Different visions.

The Advantages of COUNSELLING







Alexandra Ocampo, Relationship Therapist and Coach

Alexandra Ocampo has nearly 25 years of experience in business and human resources.

Recognized for her expertise in counseling, Alexandra is now a Counseling Therapist® at the DuOSanté+ Clinic. On a daily basis, she accompanies her patients in their journey towards well-being.

To learn more about Alexandra Ocampo Therapeute , visit the Team page.

Other Services

Consultations by phone

Consultations by videoconference

In-office consultation


Practical Information:

At the first appointment, the counselling therapist invites the person to identify his or her reasons and goals for starting therapy. The therapist then explains the counselling approach. If a good connection is made between the therapist and the client, the process can begin.

One of the therapist’s roles is to reformulate what he or she observes and hears in precise terms and in an objective manner. Therefore, the therapist does not interpret or assume anything. He or she reflects the client’s inner suffering, brings it into focus, and helps the client discover harmonious solutions. The therapist has no power over the client. Rather, the therapist listens and helps the client resolve inner turmoil.The duration of treatment varies depending on the problem and the pace, but generally, a minimum of 10 sessions is required. For some, 10 sessions may be enough, while for others the process may continue for several months or even years.  

Receipts for insurance purposes under the name naturopathy

Member of the Ritma association.

Yes. Law 21 draws the line between health professionals qualified to practice under the name of PSYCHOTHERAPIST. In this regard, our training courses are all accredited and accepted in terms of alternative therapies, support, coaching, marital and family intervention and accompaniment.

Many people wonder about the difference between a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a Counselling Therapist.
Here is a guide :
– Psychologist: This title is reserved for those who have a doctorate in psychology, have completed their university studies, and are members of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec or an equivalent order in Europe.
– Psychiatrist: – This title is reserved for physicians who have specialized in psychiatry. They have the authority to make medical diagnoses and prescribe medication as needed.
– Psychotherapist: The title of psychotherapist is reserved in Canada, England and recently in France and Belgium for certain regulated professions, such as psychologists, sexologists, etc. The title of psychotherapist is therefore reserved for certain professionals (in Canada), or for members of a corporation (in England).
– Counselling Relationship Therapist: Specializes in human relations. His focus is none other that people. It therefore focuses on human relationships ans how they work. The relationship therapist helps his client to express himself and better face the challenges he encounters.


In a working environment?

  • How many misunderstandings or conflicts could you avoid with good communication?
  • Often when we are not happy with a situation, we tend to keep quiet to avoid making the situation worse. However, this stance generates anger, stress, and sometimes aggressiveness towards others.
  • Sooner or later, if you do not communicate well at work, there will be repercussions on your physical and psychological well-being because you have not been able to express your feelings!
  • However, expressing your emotions strongly is not a solution either, as it may deteriorate your relationships with your coworkers.
  • It is therefore essential to be a good communicator to have harmonious relationships with others and thus avoid conflict!
  • Good communication is beneficial for:
    – Getting along well with your superiors.
    – Working efficiently with your colleagues.
    – Increasing your enjoyment and motivation at work.
Service complémentaire

Complementary Service

Clinique DuOSanté+ also provides Ultrasound-Guided Infiltration Treatment. This service is offered by Dr. François Gaumont.

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